Yellow Illustrated Kids Superhero Invita

Superhero Kidz

Pow! Wham! Bam! Let your superhero fly free! In this camp we explore hip-hop and jazz dance with superhero themed activities and choreography. Bring your superhero costume and come ready to battle the dance floor. For ages 5-8, find dates and times here. 


Over The Moon

In this camp we explore jazz and hip-hop choreography and activities with the over the moon soundtrack and activities. For ages 6-12 find dates and times here. 


Princess Power

Let your mind explore your inner superpower as we learn ballet and jazz in this fun summer camp. For ages 4-6, find dates and times here. 


Girl Power

This camp is all about girl power, leadership, and allowing your confident self to shine through. This camp incudes jazz, cheer, and hip-hop choreography. Find your SHINE is this brilliant camp. For ages 6-15, find dates and times here. 

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Glitz & Glam

Grab your pearls and dancing shoes as we explore fashion and dance combined. This camp includes dance choreography and a model runway. Bring your favorite LOL OMG DOLL and let’s get dancing. For ages For ages 5-15 (age groups will be separated), find dates and times here. 


TikTok Kidz

Create your own TikTok video! In this camp we explore fresh beats, hip-hop, and swag. A final TikTok video will be created by the end of camp. For ages 9-14, find dates and times here. 

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Mermaid Squad

In this camp we explore ballet and jazz with mermaid themed dances and activities. For ages 6-12, find dates and times here. 

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Ballroom Kidz

This fun camp includes beginning salsa and cumbia movement. Dancers will learn to move across the floor, partner work is not required. For ages 8-12, find dates and times here.