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Dare to Dream Pre-School Registration & Tuition

Customize your days to fit your schedule. Pre-School times do not change, choose the days that works best for your family!

Preschool: Ages 3-5 yrs.

School Day: 8am – 12 noon

• 2 day $110/week
• 3 day $144/week
• 4 day $160/week
• 5 day $175/week

Registration Fee:

Single $110/semester

Family $95/semester

Single $220/yr

Family $190/yr

Dare the Dream preschool registration fee covers school supplies, costumes, performances, and events materials. See registration fee details below! Registration fees are paid upon enrollment. Registration fees are billed once per semester (Aug. – December) and (Jan. – May).


·         Curriculum worksheets, classroom supplies, books, folders, ribbons, stickers, etc.

·         Dance props and equipment

·         Theatre costumes, hats, props, books, puppets

·         Music, worksheets, instruments

·         Performance Costumes

·         Holiday Parties

·         Daily Snack

·         Performances and Events

·        Graduation Party for students going to Kindergarten

·        Free show tickets for family members 

·         Two show rehearsals 

Tuition is due on the 1st of every month, and considered late for any payments received after the 5th of each month. If you choose to pay weekly tuition is due the Sunday one week before class. Class must be paid one week prior to the first day of class. 

Dare to Dream Events!

Our events and performances throughout the year allow our parents to see what their kiddo has learned. Our music concerts, dance, theatre skits are all the rage plus our seasonal activities that make it on our calendars. Enroll today and watch your child sparkle as they develop a love for the arts.

We are the premiere creative arts pre-school program in Flower Mound! All inclusive packages for our families, customized schedules, and affordable pricing. It’s as easy as 5-6-7-8. 


Dare to Dream and JOIN today!  Questions? Give us a call at 214.643.6468.

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