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Frequently Asked Questions


Our goal at DDA is to build leadership, teamwork, and expression through dance training and performances.

At DDA we have age appropriate curriculum, high energy and supportive classes, nurturing, and passionate coaches, and performance opportunities.  DDA offers a variety of affordable and convenient programs to fit any dancer. At Dynasty we have fun blends of jazz, hip-hop, ballet, cheer, and more.

Students enrolled in the 12-week performance session will participate in a final performance (TBD) additional fees required. 

How long are the after school dance programs? 

DDA offers 8 or 12 week sessions at your school. The 8 week regular session is $110, and the 12 week performance session is $165 + $70 costume fee. Both sessions include the same curriculum but the 12 week dancers will go on to perform at Recital. 

What kind of dance class is this? 


Majority of our after school program classes and recreational classes are what we call Combination Classes or Combo Class. Our curriculum includes combinations of Ballet, Cheer, Hip-Hop, and Jazz dance styles. Each week students will explore these different styles of dance and our 12 week performers will go on to perform one or more of these dance styles at recital. 

What should my child wear to class? 


Girls: Black dance pants, plain purple top, tan jazz shoes. Hair: Ponytail. Boys: loose fitting black pants or shorts, plain green top, tennis shoes. Bring a spill proof water bottle to every dance class. 



Why should I choose this program over taking my child to an outside dance program or studio?


DDA saves you time and money! Time is precious, and traffic is terrible. Let us introduce dance to your child at an affordable cost and convenient location.


Where is the performance?

Each semester DDA performs at a community event or a recital is held at one of our locations. Details regarding performances and shows are sent to parents via email mid-way through the 12-week session.  


What does my child need to perform?

Your child must be enrolled in the 12-week session and is required to purchase Tan or black jazz pants (tan is preferred), and one pair of suntan dance tights, other items may be needed for the show and will be specified mid-way through the 12-week session.

Will my child have time to change for dance class?

 Of course! All dancers are checked into DDA by the school teacher and allowed 5 minutes to change (in the restroom) before class begins. If your child attends class outside of school he/she will arrive to class dressed in dance attire.

Can my child bring a snack to dance class?

 Of course! We allow less than 5 minutes to eat a small easy clean up snack. Please bring spill proof water bottle. Water only  Juice is not allowed. 


Where can I find the required shoes?

Jazz Shoes can be found at your local dance store (check google), Amazon, Payless, and Target.


When do costumes and t-shirts come in (12-week students only)? 

The week prior to the performance all dancers will receive  t-shirts and costumes are given the day of the show. 

Can parents order a DDA T-Shirt? 

Yes!!! Show your support at our events by ordering a DDA personalized Mom sparkle top - $45 or regular DDA Mom/Dad cotton tee -  $25. All orders due by the 6th week of class. Email us your order at

Late Pick Up!

If a dancer is picked up 5 minutes after class has finished, the parent will be charged $1 per minute. All fees will be sent as an invoice to your email and can be paid online. Cash is not accepted unless arrangements have been made with Mrs. Randolph, DDA Owner. Costumes, and T-shirts will not be given out if late fees have not been paid in full. Failure to pay late pick up fees will result in termination of enrollment with DDA. 

Are all 12 classes held at the location I enrolled my child at? 

No, 10 classes are held at the location you enrolled and 2 classes are located off campus at our team rehearsal. Location and Times are specified mid-way through the 12-week session. 

Do you have payment plans? 

Yes, DDA only offers payment plans for our 12 week session ONLY. The payment is broken into two payments that includes registration fee, tuition, t-shirt, and costumes fees. See Example below! 

Registration Fee: $5 - non-refundable

12 week tuition: $165

T-Shirt & Costume Fee: $70

Total - $240

Payment #1 - $120

Payment #2 - $120


Can I get a refund if I cancel my enrollment before my session starts?  

 Yes! You will recieve a full refund minus the registration fee of $5.00. You must cancel before the first class to recieve a refund. 

Do you offer sibling discounts?

 Yes! Sibling discount is 10% off total tuition. See Example below! Email to recieve your discounted invoice. 

8 week tuition: $110 *2 (-10%) = $198

12 week tuition: $165*2 (-10%) = $297 

Do you offer teacher discounts?

Yes! Teachers recieve a 10% off total tuition. Email to recieve your discounted invoice. 

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