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Adult Hip Hop Dance Classes in McKinney, TX

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

If you've been wondering "where are adult hip hop dance classes near me?" We're happy to let you know that you have found the only adult dance and fitness studio you'll ever need: Dynasty Dance Academy

Dancing as an adult can sometimes feel intimidating, especially if you've never danced before or perhaps you've taken a long break from the dance lessons of your younger days.

Beginner Adult Hip Hop Dance Classes

Did you know that Hip Hop dance classes are some of the best kinds of dance lessons for adult beginners?

Hip Hop is a great introductory dance style for people of all ages, but especially for adults. This is because hip hop dance allows freedom to move outside the lines and to make mistakes.

There is no right way to move when you are doing a hip hop dance, the key is to feel the movement and hit it with confidence.

This is very freeing and will help you to tip-toe into dancing as an adult while also getting a killer workout in a room full of other women with the same vibe as you. Our adult dance classes are about community and sisterhood!

What Adult Hip Hop Dance Classes Does DDA Offer?

Dynasty Dance Academy offers a classic Adult Hip Hop Dance Class and an Adult Hip Hop/Jazz Dance Class. You can learn about each dance class below.

Our Classic adult hip hop lessons are offered at our McKinney studio. In this class, you will Werk up a sweat in a fun upbeat class, that includes hip-hop movement for beginners.

Our adult hip hop and jazz dance lessons are offered at our McKinney studio. In this class, you will Strut your stuff in this sassy class that incorporates hip hop and jazz movements.

What do I need to Wear to my Hip Hop Dance Class?

Come dressed and prepared to work up a good sweat and dance like no one is watching!

We recommend wearing comfortable workout wear, which includes yoga pants, leggings, biker shorts, tank tops, sports bras--really whatever you are most comfortable working out in.

Tennis shoes are recommended as hip hop dance involves a lot of fun footwork!

Come Dance With Us!

Ready to get your groove back? Join one of our weekly hip hop or hip hop/jazz adult dance classes. Pick whichever location is most convenient for you. We'll see you soon!

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